Factory Power Cleaning

factory cleaning from the hygiene experts

Whether your factory is used for printing, food, textile, motors, or anything in between, they all have one thing in common: a need to be kept clean to avoid health and safety and fire risks.

Expert’s in factory cleaning services, we are well versed to deal with any cleaning issue that may arise; from oil and chemical spills to mold and refurbishment cleans, to factory roof tops and air conditioner cleaning.

Periodic, emergency or one-off deep cleaning, we can facilitate your requirements while helping you to stay compliant with a variety of standards including health and safety, and hygiene.

Emergency or planned factory Cleaning

With state-of-the-art equipment and working a customized schedule to suit your needs, we can complete thorough hygiene cleans to external walls, internal floors, walls and high-level ceilings. And because the technology we use needs very little water, there’s no need to worry about the logistics of internal cleaning.

Factory cleaning has multifaceted benefits. Not only does it help you stay compliant with various regulations, it improves the overall hygiene of your building – improving the health of the structure itself and that of your workforce, decreasing potential sickness and work-related absences.

Our Factory Cleaning Service includes

  • Emergency, one-off and periodic cleans
  • High level cleaning
  • External surface cleaning
    (including both brick and stone)
  • Oil and grease cleaning
  • Chemical spill